Follow the Hummingbird

Book 1 of The Dream Tamer Chronicles

Have you ever wondered where you go when you close your eyes at night?

After losing her husband in a car accident, Tina is feeling lost and lonely. She’s trying to fight depression while functioning on autopilot in her day-to-day life. But what happens to her when she sleeps is a whole different story…

Tina’s dreams are becoming more and more unusual. Some of them even start manifesting in her actual life. And when Tina thinks that things couldn’t get any weirder, they do. She wakes up with factual proof that dreams are much more than what she thought they were.

When she recovers from the initial shock, Tina sees a life-changing opportunity. If she overcomes her fear, she hopes to reunite with her lost love. Encouraged by her new friend and mentor, and armed with a couple of magical amulets, Tina embarks on the journey into the world of her dreams. That mysterious world awaits Tina eagerly, ready to open its multiple doors to her. Except some doors should better stay closed…

While exploring the miraculous worlds, Tina faces the danger of disappearing there forever, falling victim to an ancient dark force. 

On the other hand, she now has a reason to believe that she can find her ”happily ever after” in one of those worlds.

The question is, will she be able or even willing to return from her journey?

A paranormal romance short story

An adventurous young witch. An exiled warlock seeking revenge. An ordinary human barista who doesn’t even suspect witches exist. What could possibly lead to them crossing paths?

When Maya discovers an ancient spell that can transport her to the human realm from her kingdom, she is thrilled to go on a journey to discover a new world.

The last thing she expects is that her secret travels can not only endanger her life, but threaten her whole kingdom too. 

Of course, she could just stay in the safety of her home and never use the spell again. 

But there’s a certain someone in the world of humans whose smile affects her like some mysterious, unknown magic.

The question is, how much is she ready to risk for that smile?

Book 2 of The Dream Tamer Chronicles

How do you save an entire world from vanishing?

Fascinating realms and alternate realities eagerly open their doors to Tina as she travels in her dreams. Except for one world. The one she is most desperate to visit.

When Tina learns that her friend Alice is in grave danger, she turns to Alice’s diary in search for clues. The heartbreaking story of Alice’s life makes Tina even more determined to succeed in her mission. If only she knew exactly what to do…

Torn between her daily life and nocturnal adventures, and knowing that Alice’s time is running out, Tina seeks help and guidance in the world of her dreams. 

Using Alice’s journal as a roadmap on her quest, Tina hopes it leads her to the right place before it’s too late. What she doesn’t know is that this could become a one-way trip for her.

Book 3 of The Dream Tamer Chronicles

Coming out on May 30, 2023

How far would you go to save a friend stuck in a different realm?

Tina has learned to bend her lucid dreams to explore the unseen worlds, but when her friend Kate doesn’t wake up from her slumber, Tina becomes her only hope. Spending days by Kate’s hospital bed and nights searching for her in the dream worlds, Tina must be ready to cross any lengths to rescue Kate. Even if it means turning to the Keepers—the mighty creatures responsible for balance in the Universe.

Kate faces one danger after another, desperately seeking refuge. As she finds it in a cozy place where it looks like she’s finally safe, and some of the world’s inhabitants steal her heart away, Kate faces another problem. She can’t leave. The question is, does she even want to? 

Traversing the infinite realms in an attempt to save Kate, Tina is forced to shed her old skin, open her heart to the future, and let go of the past.

Will Tina and Kate find their way back to their old lives, or will they embrace their new selves and the endless possibilities of the universe?