I’m happy to announce my new project of 2022: Journals.

It all started with the idea of creating a journal for writing down dreams – if you read “Follow the Hummingbird,” you’ve seen references to it.

Since it was inspired by (and related to) my book, I decided to use the same beautiful cover art.

Then, as I was reading an ARC copy of a book and drafting my review, I thought of a reading journal, where you could keep track of the books you’ve read, important highlights, memorable quotes, etc.

Then new ideas started coming up. A positivity and gratitude journal, a weekly writing goals tracker, and others.

I will be adding them to this page as I release them. They are all paperbacks, about 150 pages, and available on Amazon. You’ll find a link under each journal’s description.

With a stunning cover that you would love to see on your nightstand, this 6″ x 9″ paperback dream diary offers you 150 lined pages with prompts to track your dreams.

You can write down date and time, feelings and thoughts before and after the dream, the dream itself, and its possible interpretation.

This beautiful journal will also make a great gift.

Sweet dreams and happy journaling!

The Reading Log

This reading log will make a perfect companion on your literary journey. 

150 pages filled with prompts to record the main things about the books you’ve read:

-Book title, author name, and genre

-Start and finish dates

-What you liked and what you disliked about the story/plot/writing style/characters

-Your favorite and least favorite characters

-Quotes that you want to remember

-Lessons learned, insights and general thoughts

-Your review of the book

-Space for a TBR list at the end, so that you don’t forget which books are next on your reading list

2 pages dedicated to each book, so you have enough space to track over 70 books. When you’re done, just come back for another copy!

This reading journal will also make a perfect gift to your book-loving friend or family member.

Happy reading and journaling!

The Little Miracles: A Positivity And Gratitude Journal

Imagine that there is a universal bank of happiness. It holds and multiplies all the happy moments of every person in the world. Every time you smile, you emit positive energy that goes into that bank and adds to its wealth, making the world a happier place in general. A better place.

Doesn’t it sound like a miracle?

That’s because it pretty much is. Miracles don’t have to be complicated. Most of them are little, and rather ordinary.

Simple little miracles.

Like a smile or a positive thought that doesn’t just make your own day better, but actually contributes to the overall positivity level in the world.

And the more of these little moments we capture – the happier we become.

The best part is that capturing them is also very easy. They’re always there, you know. We just don’t always notice them. Or maybe we do, only to quickly forget about them, burying them under a pile of negative events and thoughts.

However, if we hold on to them, that’s already one simple little miracle performed.

Did you see a cute cat today? Or a beautiful flower? Did you hear a baby laugh? Was the sunset special? Was the barista at your favorite coffee shop nice and friendly? Or maybe you heard a compliment from someone that made you feel good? Or had a chance to catch up with your best friend? Did you meet the deadline and finish a project? Did you help someone and felt good about it? Or did you finally find some time for yourself and read a good book?

These are all little miracles. Hold on to them and don’t let go. Treasure them, play them over and over again in your mind (we do it a lot with all the negative moments, don’t we?), re-live them, re-visit them, re-feel them.

And write them down.

The more you focus on these positive moments, the more you work on creating a habit of noticing and appreciating these little things—the more of them you will keep seeing in your life.

The more you’ll smile.

The more you’ll feel happy.

The more positive energy you’ll share with the world.

Just take a few minutes at the end of each day to think about the things that made you smile and feel good.

Are you ready to perform your first miracle? Grab a pen.